Our Tribal Council


Diana began practicing Kripalu Yoga while she was a student in University, looking for something to calm her mind and increase her flexibility. Over the years her practice has grown and evolved. Learning how to find balance in her life as she is a fulltime teacher with TCDSB and a certified Kripalu instructor. Her soul is gentle, loving and compassionate; that is truly what her classes represent. Yoga is not a competition it is knowing your body and listening to what it needs in the moment. She is passionate about empowering students and created a space where they feel sacred and safe.


Jennifer has been practicing yoga for over twenty years. Finding herself continually drawn to the practice's focus on building strength, balance, and grace. She has completed her 200 hour, Hatha yoga teaching certification and continues to learn and grow with additional certifications and workshops. Working with a number of inspiring teachers and mentors, she has completed courses in Yoga for Children and Teens, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga for Joint Mobility and Yoga for Osteoporosis Support. Being a busy mom with two teenagers, a husband, and an energetic puppy she understands the challenges involved in and the importance of slowing down and building focus - especially when the laundry hasn't been done and there's no milk in the fridge! Her classes focus on building self-acceptance, confidence, balance, and strength. She encourages all her students to start where they are, be open to growth, and most importantly breathe!




Pinar started her yoga journey in 2012 after moving to Canada, and began practicing different styles of yoga including hatha, bikram, power, vinyasa, and yin yoga. She fell in love with vinyasa flow yoga and started the YTT-200 certification late 2012 with Michelle Cormack which she successfully completed in 2013.
In 2015 Pinar completed her Ayurveda Specialist certificate with Kathryn Templeton and has taken several acro yoga workshops.

Pinar loves challenging and encouraging her students and sharing her positive energy.


 Larissa's journey into Pilates began through her love of dance and movement. With over 24 years of competitive dance experience in multiple genres of dance, Larissa was led to explore Pilates to help overcome muscular imbalances in her body developed over the years of her intensive dance training. Pilates allowed Larissa to link breathing, concentration on posture, and flowing movement to create efficient patterns of motion. Pilates creates a platform where you can improve muscle elasticity and joint mobility, while also reducing stress and having fun!
Larissa believes that Pilates is key to a balanced body and mind - and most importantly, to a more balanced life


Pam began practicing yoga in 2004, and completed her 200-hour training at The Hot Yoga Wellness International as well as through the college of Purna Yoga. She has since studied with Power Yoga Canada and Downward Dog where her love of Ashtanga took hold. She is continually inspired by yoga's transformative power—both internally and externally, and finds it to be a source of love and strength. She strives to bring a sense of fun, freedom and kindness to her classes, and hopes to impart nuggets of yogic wisdom along the way. Her classes are Hatha based with strong emphasis on alignment.


RYT 200, AcroYoga 100hr, Trauma-Informed Yoga Certificate, Pilates Mat Certificate

Having fun while discovering one's full potential is the guiding force behind Sandra's public classes as well as her personal practice. She's a high energy person who thrives on pushing the boundaries of what the human body is capable of and witnessing people's joy when they achieve results.
  At the same time she is keenly aware of the need for balance and recovery, and understands that everyone has unique capabilities and personal goals. Her teaching style is lighthearted, motivating and compassionate, as she carefully observes and listens to her students, so that she can help each individual achieve their own goals in a healthy and sustainable way.